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Customer Photos and Reviews

 We welcome photos and reviews of our zero turn mower products. Send your photos or comments to and we may include them here in our gallery for the benefit of other customers. *Country Zero Turn Products reserves the right not to post fake reviews from people who cannot be verified as an actual purchaser of our equipment. We want only honest reviews, both good and bad from people who actually own and use the products we manufacture.

Brian Hummel of Cantonment, Florida sent in these photos showing how he mounted our zero turn dethatcher to his John Deere Z-trak 930M. This same mounting process can be used for any of our attachments. Great Job Brian!

 John Deere 930m dethatcher mount

JD ztrak 930m mounting bracket

John Deere 930m with dethatcher

Bob Larch sent in this group of photos showing how he installed a 4 ft snowplow on his Ariens Ikon Zero Turn using the clamp-on mounts: "I was able to mount the plow on my 2023 Ariens Ikon 48 by simply removing the lights and some metal trim and also adding a hole in the right clamping plates.
It was a tight fit and tricky to get the nuts on underneath because there is a mounting bolt for the mower deck that was in the way.Waiting for the snow!
Thanks for your help and what seems to be a very well built product.

Ariens Ikon with snowplow

Ariens Ikon with snowplow

Ariens Ikon with snowplow

Ariens Ikon 48 with snowplow

Ariens Ikon zero turn with snowplow

 Many people ask if these snowplows can be used with electric zero turn mowers. Jeff Grobe of Aberdeen South Dakota sent in these photos of his Greenworks Pro Electric Zero Turn with a 4ft wide snowplow. Jeff reports good results with his!

Greenworks electric zeroturn with snowplow Greenworks electric zeroturn with snowplow

electric zero turn with snowplow and tire chains

cub cadet ultima with a snowplow  Greg Trim of Kennewick WA sent in this photo of how he mounted a snowplow on his Cub Cadet Ultima using the drill/bolt mounting brackets. Nice job Greg!

 Martin Burnett of Greenville, Virginia sent in this nice group of photos showing how he installed a snow plow on his Husqvarna Z254F using the drill and bolt mounting brackets. Great Job Martin!

Frank Hlaner of Valparaiso Indiana sent in this nice photo of how he mounted a 5 ft snowplow to his Cub Cadet ZTX series zero turn mower using the clamp-on mounting brackets.

Here is a nice video by Nick Fulford of Max Effort Lawn Service showing how he has adapted the snow plow to work with a stander. Great Job Nick!

 Greg Isenbarger sent in these photos showing how he adapted his Snapper 360z xt zero turn mower to work with a load hauler. Great job Greg!

 Snapper Zero Turn Mower

 Snapper Zero Turn Mower

 Snapper Zero Turn Mower

 john deer z355e snowplow mountings

 Here is a nice example of "where there is a will, there is a way." Thought you folks might be interested in this. I've mounted your 5' snow
plow on my John Deere Z355E Zero turn mower.

Fabricated a 2"x3/16"x27" angle for a mounting attachment on the front frame
of the mower.
Just requires drilling 4, 5/16" holes in the mower frame. Very solid. Happy
to provide the specs if anyone desires that."

Bruce Hollister
Homer Glen, IL email

 jd z355e custom snowplow mounts

snowplow mounting

 snowplow mounting in John Deere

 John Deere z355e with snowplow mount

ferris mower with snow plow

 Hunter Flentje of Virden, Illinois sent in these photos of his Ferris Zero Turn outfitted with a snow plow and a load hauler

 husqvarna z254i mounting

Mark Yeko sent in these photos showing how he modified the clamp-on mounting brackets to fit his Husqvarna Z254I zero turn for the broadcast spreader. Very nice work Mark!

 husqvarna z254i mounting modified

 husqvarna z254i mounting a broadcast spreader

Jerald Verplaetse sent in this photo of a snow plow on his John Deere Z445: "When I had two knee replacements I need to retrofit my lift with a small winch. Works great. Investment Just over $50." Nice work Jerald!

Erik G. Gregory of Binghamton, New York sent in these photos showing how he modified our snowplow to fit his Toro Timecutter with the my-ride system. Erik reports it plows snow great!

Toro Timecutter with snowplow

my-ride with snowplow

drill and bolt mount

angled foot bar

Victor G. Faggella sent in these photos showing how he fabricated his own mounting system for use on his Scag Liberty Z Zero Turn Mower. Great job Victor!

Scag with mounting brackets mount on a scag mower

clamp mount on scag mower Scag ZTR

Here is a nice example of a drill and bolt mounting install done by Perry Pawelka on a Toro z4220 Timecutter.

Several people have been asking how the snowplows work with the Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mowers. Ryan Leestma of Michigan sent us photos of his unit. He installed the mounting brackets by welding them to the front frame and added dual rear wheels. He reports "Great it’s amazing it will take me 5 minutes to do the whole driveway. Being able to zero turn is a game changer! My battery life is excellent. I could plow the driveway 8-10 times." Ryan is upgrading his plow to the 5 ft wide model this week.

 Ryan sent us a link to his Youtube video showing how well this works.

Roybi Zero Turn with Snow Plow

Roybi Zero Turn with Dual Rear Wheels

Benjamin Reid of Waynesville Ohio sent these photos and a description of how he used the clamp-on mounts on his Cub Cadet ZT1 Zero Turn.

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 Mounting Barckets

cub cadet ZT1 Plow mounting

I received my order yesterday and unboxed it. I wanted to share the little bit of tweaking required to mount the universal adapter on a CubCadet 50" Ultima ZT1. The front caster arms on the mower are asymmetric and the left one is very short. The driver's floor mounts to the frame there, and the floor holds one of two lights there as well. Using the bolt-through adapter is possible because there is a small access hole in the frame tube, but using/adding a reinforcement plate for that bolt would be very difficult. I decided to use the clamp style adapter.

Removal of the light is easy, and the area that needs to be trimmed is thin and non-structural. The attached pictures (might be out of order) show the small amount of modification required. Care must be given not to cut the wires running to the light in that area when grinding. One a slot is ground, it helps to slide that bolt in first then position the bracket and install the remaining bolts. Just need to pick up some CubCadet Yellow Rustoleum paint to finish it off, the gray is just a primer to inhibit rust.

The bottom line is that your adapter works just fine on the Cub Cadet Zero-turn mowers sold at Tractor Supply and Home Depot!

Here is a nice example sent in by Scott Helsinger of how he could remove the footrest on his Timecutter to be able to use the clamp-on mounts.

Timecutter with mounting brackets installed

I ordered one of your 4 ft blades last month and installed it as soon as it arrived. This morning I got to try it out as we received between 5-7 inches of snow over night.

I have it attached to a Scag Freedom Z (took a little to get it mounted) zero turn. I just wanted to let you know it worked great. First time out it took a bit to get used to and it was dark outside. Even though I did our 192 ft driveway in about 40 minutes.

Very pleased with the product!

Thank you,

Steve Engel - Ofallon, MO

 Here are a couple of photos sent in by Tim Trebian showing how he adapted the snowplow to his Bad Boy Maverick Zero Turn Mower. Tim added a 12 volt ATV winch and a rubber top flap to his unit to better suit his needs. Nice Work Tim!

Many people ask about adapting our snow plows to the stander mowers. Howie Waldman sent in these photos to show how he adapted the plow to his Wright Sentar. Great job of thinking outside of the box!

Hi Dave

I spoke to you on Monday about adapting your zero turn plow to my Wright Sentar. I must say, very fast shipping, it arrived in 2 days.

I attached some pictures to show you how I adapted it for my mower. This same idea could be used for any of the stand on mowers, since Wright, Toro, Exmark and others are producing them now.

Thanks for the great plow, I look forward to quickly clearing snow from my large driveway this winter.


Howie Waldman

Somerset NJ


Here is a nice group of photos of a zero turn snowplow sent in by Joe Schoonover who has a Cub Cadet Z-Force 60 with 23hp Kawasaki engine. J.J. the bulldog seems to be impressed!





Hope your holidays were great. I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoy the plow. Attached are pictures to show you how I mounted the blade to a Toro 5425 using the pinch plates instead of drilling into my main support bar. I just attached the pinch plate mounting bracket then attached one bolt thru one of the original holes and because of the angle of my frame I leveled the mounting bracket and drilled a extra hole so that the bracket was level. Works great and I didn't have to drill into my main frame of my new mower. Thanks again and will be looking for new products to try out on my zero turn mower.
It worked out with little effort and I'm very pleased. If someone is in need of a recommendation please feel free to use this one or they can contact me anytime. Happy New Year to all!!! 567-203-8327(cell) Brian K Hildebrandt




 We like to show upgrades made by our customers to make the snowplows fit their individual needs better. Here is a great example:

I have had my Country Zero Turn snow plow for a couple of seasons now and have been pleased with the way it has performed, after some modifications. The lift mechanism was unworkable with my Swisher Zero turn mower so, I had to make changes before it could be used the first time. With repeated use I realized another change had to be made to the blade angle adjustment system.

Before the upgrade I had to:

De-glove for dexterity
Remove the hairpin from the bottom of the draw-pin (unseen).

Withdraw the draw-pin completely.
Angle the blade one-handed while aligning the draw-pin.
Find the small hole in the draw-pin (unseen) and insert the hairpin.

I constructed this device to replace the draw-pin and eliminate the hairpin.

Since the up grade I only need to:

Lift the draw-pin (while gloved).
Angle the blade slightly and release the draw-pin. Continue angling the blade two-handed until the draw-pin drops.

No need for a hairpin, as the springs hold the draw-pin in place. No frozen fingers and hairpins dropped in the snow while searching for an elusive hole in the draw-pin. No fussy alignment of holes to replace a free draw-pin.

I thought your former customers might be interested in a similar upgrade to their blades, or new customers might like this as an add-on.

Randy Spangler
3328 Norton Rd
Howell, MI 48843

My name is Tony Geraghty. Before winter started I bought your snowplow. I have had several people looking in disbelief when they see me using it. This morning I had a Mr. Taylor stop by and ask me about it. He said that all winter long he has driven by my house and seen it. He kept telling himself one of these days I'm going to stop by and ask whoever lives there about the snowplow. He said today is the day.

He asked me if ever had a problem with it and I told him no. As a matter fact it works fantastic. I let him know that it took me about 45 minutes to put the whole thing together. The assembly was straightforward and easy. I went on to tell him not only do I plow my own driveway but I plowed two of my neighbor's driveways.

I told him to feel free to look at how it's assembled on my zero turn mower. He was impressed.

Anyway I gave him your website address: So don't be surprised if you don't hear from him pretty soon.

Tony Geraghty
Georgetown, IN

Here is a nice photo submitted by Edd Higbee of the 4 ft wide zero turn snowplow mounted to a John Deere Z225. Edd tells us he had to do some custom fabrication on a zero turn mower that small, but with a bit of custom work, it can be done!

Great Job Edd!

Christine Vance sent us this photo showing how she and her husband adapted the clamp-on mount to use on their Craftsman Zero Turn Mower. The caster frame did not have adequate strength for pushing snow, so they took the L shaped clamp bracket, flipped it over and bolted through the foot deck and into the frame.

Now THAT is putting American know-how to work!

 Here is a great example of thinking outside the box by Ron Watson. On Ron's Encore Zero Turn Mower, the control levers set too close to his legs making the step-lift difficult to use. He reversed the step-lift bar and added a Linear Actuator to raise and lower the blade! We like to see American Ingenuity at work making our products fit your individual needs.

Way to go Ron!

Today (1/6/2016) I completed my customer communication with Country ZTR (Chad) regarding my dissatisfaction with the spreader upon its arrival. I have had positive experiences with the snow blade and replacement parts. I try to buy American made products whenever it is reasonable to do so. Here is the list of concerns expressed to the company in writing:
The small bag containing assembly pieces was missing items from the assembly list and contained items not identified in the assembly directions or parts breakdown.
The feed rate door would not slip past the agitator allowing for adjustment.
The plastic sleeve at the end of the support frame was cracked.
Because of the design of the operating rod it cannot be assembled if you following the assembly directions exactly.
The placement of the O-belt guard prevents the fan from spinning.
The tabs for the 5/16 bolts are missing.
The bearing opposite the wheel pulley fell out during assembly.
While this list of flaws is extensive the response from the company—they did offer a full refund—is more troubling. There was no expression of interest in the flaws or interest in providing a replacement typical of a company that stands behind its product. In fact they wrote: “We do not believe a replacement unit would be satisfactory…” Given that the product appears to still be for sale by Country ZTR either they are delivering a product that they believe to be unsatisfactory or they have simply dismissed the facts of my customer feedback.
Kim Goudreau, Dixon, Illinois

 Note: Mr. Goudreau was given a full refund

Here is a nice example of modifying the snow plow mounts and lift bar to suit your individual Zero Turn!

Steve Amuso of Clarence NY sent in this photo and it looks like he has also installed some nice LED lights! Steve's plow setup has the poly strip inplace for use on concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Great job Steve and we are sure you will be getting this plow in action soon!

 "The dethatcher seems like a great product though haven't had a chance to use. Very heavy duty. Not to difficult to put together as long as you lay everything out and follow the instructions. SUPER FAST shipping. GREAT GREAT GREAT customer service and communication. The only reasons I gave it a 4 is because when I received it, the boxes were damaged (most likely due to shipping)and the dethacher had a few scratches on it witch I don't mind. I will be putting many more scratches on it I'm sure. Also, One of the tines was in the way for mounting the tine assembly to the main bar so I had to loosen the tine and put the bolt in backwards to make it work and then put the tine back on, on a slight angle. All and all though, especially for the price, I believe this product is going to hold up and do a great job dethatching for many years to come."

S. Herrington

Traverse City, Michigan

 The plow has exceeded my expectations, and couldn't have come at a better time with almost 20" of snow falling last week. I uploaded a video of the plow on youtube, feel free to use it if you like. I am impressed and will recommend it to anyone.

Travis Curtsinger

Frankfort, KY

   You probably don’t get much fan mail, but you should. Great piece of equipment! I cleared my drive, 3 neighbors, our private road out to the county road (1/2 mile), and the back lot at our office.


 Here is a nice video sent in by Fred Ziglar of Hillsboro, Illinois. Fred modified the hand levers on his zero turn mower to get additional clearance for his knees. This video shows him moving a good amount of snow with his exmark in a hurry!

Zero Turn Hustler with Snow Plow

 Thank you so much for the help over the phone yesterday. I got the plow mounted tonight.

Kevin O. Holgate, Ohio

Toro Zero Turn with Snowplow

 Received the blade quickly after I ordered . Thank you. Took us about 2 hrs. To install. Hardest part was the drilling to mount brackets to mower. Once finished , it was like a tinker toy. Nothing to it. Good instructions. I'm impressed with the quality of the parts used. Nothing rinky dink. We will
have to make one modification to the bar that hooks on to foot pedal. My long legs hit the steering control arms when holding the blade in the up position. I think if we shorten that bar, my legs will stretch out just like when I mow. Can't wait to use it. My wife told me to buy it. She said once it gets installed, it will never, ever snow again. I like the fact this is American made and I feel you are good company to deal with. Very impressed you closed for the holidays, giving employees time off to spend with families. Classy. Thank you and all your people for a great American product. Hope you have a terrific year.

C.M.S. LaPlata, Maryland

husquevarna zero turn snow plow

 I just wanted to send a picture of my Husky MZ5424S. Sporting a new Country Zero Turn 5' plow!!! Let it snow!!!!

Vincent D. Red Hook, New York

 Over the past 5 months, I've purchased both the zero-turn dethatcher and the zero-turn aerator attachments. Both are great units, paid for themselves within 2 jobs, and seem to be great investments. I appreciate the customer service you receive with each order from these folks. I recommend them to other landscapers when they're thinking of buying attachments for their mowers.

Hugh A. Deep River, Connecticut

  My 13 year old bought this with his money. With a few minor modifications we got it together in about an hour. Move snow well. Filled in the pot holes in my gravel driveway. He'll make his money back!

Garrett K. Topeka, Kansas


 The universal bar was hard to install. You should have the brackets welded on. Only cost me $ 20.00.

Overall this company was great!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Better than paying $ 3000.00

Thomas F. Alexis, Illinois

Toro Zero Turn with snowplow

 I am very happy with my recent purchase of the Zero Turn Tractor, snow plow. I have included some photographs. We have pretty good snows in Northern Maryland. I am waiting for the big snow (Murphy's law............... now that I have my blade). I used the blade to clean up from a snow storm from 1 1/2 weeks ago. To give the tractor extra traction I inserted some 5/16" sheet metal screws into the turf lugs. It gives it a good bite on my hill, without the bulk, that snow chains give. The purchase from your company went very smooth. I will buy from your company again. I have shared photographs of my plow with other zero turn owners who are impressed with it.

Thanks for your help,
Jim H. Whiteford, Maryland

 john deere zero turn with snow plow  "We don’t get too much snow in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, so alot of my friends looked at me kinda funny when they saw the blade on the front of my zero turn mower. They weren’t looking so funny when I drove by them as they shoveled their drives this morning. Of course, I offered to help...
We had about 8 inches last night and the photo is of me clearing my Mini Storage Lot. The blade works well, but I need to make a few modifications for my JD 425 to fit it properly. I’ve also added some pins and bolts for stability."
Rick H. - Cape Girardeau, Missouri